After-School Classes

We provide comprehensive after school programs tailored to strengthen the educational background of young children. Parents can explore our wide range of enriching activities and educational opportunities designed to support students beyond the traditional school day.

Our after school programs offer a variety of options, including tutoring, activities, and care for students. Whether you’re seeking after school tutoring to support your child’s academic progress or looking for engaging activities for middle schoolers, we have programs to suit every interest and need.

At The King’ s School Lagos, we understand the importance of providing quality care and support for students outside of school hours. That’s why our afterschool programs not only offer academic enrichment but also provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can learn, grow, and thrive.

For parents seeking preschool and after-school care near them, we offer comprehensive programs that seamlessly integrate childcare and educational activities. From daycare services to afterschool care, our programs are designed to meet the needs of working families while providing a stimulating and enriching environment for children.

Preparing for the National Common Entrance Examination? Our after school programs include targeted preparation to help students excel in this important exam. With expert guidance and support, students can build the skills and confidence needed to succeed on the national stage.

Discover the benefits of our after school programs at The Kings School Lagos. Visit our website to learn more about our offerings and enroll your child in a program that supports their academic and personal growth beyond the school day.