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The King’s School annual Essay competition is an – inter school activity which brings numerous schools together with the goals of celebrating and rewarding prospective writers. This year’s edition was a highly contested event;  at the end of the day our very own Chidera Efueme won the ages 8 – 10 category while from Golden bunch won the ages 11 – 14 category.


This year’s event was marked in a grand style as we decided to go international by representing the cultures if India, Germany, Mexico, France, Japan, Australia,, Scotland and Hawaii. Pupils were gaily attired with coherent expression of their various countries. Tomiwa Odunsi (Shalewa in Tinsel) graced the occasion and it was a memorable day for everyone .


With the goal of preventing illness and promoting physical fitness, Fridays has been scheduled for children’s participation in age appropriate stretching and strength training activities. For the children, it’s a day to look forward to as it provides them the platform to merrily express their physical vigor.


A Unifying factor everywhere in the world is sports; there is no deviation for us here at the King’s School as the annual sports day was held during the course of the session. As usual, parents and staff were eagerly prepared for the event to witness the myriad of physical activities to be displayed. Children from the toddler to the grade classes were represented in the mental and physical process. After much commendable display from the four houses, the blue house emerged as the winner.  Thumbs up HOUSE OF EL – SHADDAI!


The spelling bee competition is an annually held competition involving pupils from the nursery level up to the grade school. Prior to this event, the competitors have been thoroughly prepared in order to spell challenging words; it was therefore not a surprise that there was a massive display of “After a keenly competed event, winners were chosen based on merit.


This year’s concert was celebrated with style, children’s presentations were largely informed. From the choir presentation to the talk show, there was no stone left unturned in making a relevant performance of the essence of the celebration.


It was the first of its kind, yet a quintessence for upcoming ones. It was strictly a grade school affair where pupils in the upper primary did not only demonstrate poetically but also composed the demonstrated poems. With the children’s performance, we can only say poem will not go down the drain in this generation after all.


It was an all – red event as everyone glowed in the euphoria of the moment. This session’s Christmas carol was strategically packaged to meet the needs of pupils, parents and staff. As always, the school choir gave beautiful presentations which spurred the parents into dancing. At the end of the day, there was a clear indication that the reason for the season was exalted.


This is a recognized celebration around the world and we at the king’s school have decided to make the day a period to celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of our children. The day was characterized with several activities, but the climax of the day was unreserved expressions by the children. They were given the platform to express their option about political and family affaires. Indeed, they are a buddle of joy to the world


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