Our consulting services concentrates on areas such as the training and development of early childcare professionals and the establishment of high quality Early Childhood Centres.We have developed a range of courses to enhance the professionalism and skills of preschool educators.

There is an increasing demand for children services as more families now have both parents working.Our surveys have showed that 70% of the female population within an organisation  are in the child bearing age.The present situation in Lagos where good, responsible and trustworthy nannies are difficult to find has made it a challenge for working women to combine their roles as mothers and career persons.

We provide good quality training programmes thereby equipping you with the tools required to deliver consistently high quality programmes.We also provide start up and implementation services required to setup and run high quality early childhood centres.

Our training team is made up of qualified,experienced and dedicated professional practitioners who are committed to delivering  interesting, relevant training and providing maximum after training support.

Our courses can be delivered at a time to suit you, including daytime, evening or weekend sessions at your venue or one arranged by us.We hope to welcome you professionally set up your Childcare Centre.doroty


DOROTHY’S CONSULT provides start up and implementation services required to setup and run a high quality early childhood centre.Setting up a well equipped Christian¬† nursery school has a lot of advantages:

  1. Builds a sound Christian foundation :from the cradle through the early formative years
  2. Serves as an Outreach ministry of the Church to the community
  3. Serves as a tool for Church Growth
  4. Serves as a source of Revenue for the Church.


Emergency Aid for Babies & Children

*Essential for all who work under 8’s

*Learn to assess the dangers & risks

*Learn resuscitation techniques

*Deal with choking, burns, concussion and poising

This one day hands on course gives each participant the skills needed to deal with everyday emergencies and life threatening situations.

African-American School Boy with Backpack

Childcare Management

* Budgeting,bookkeeping & preparing an accounting system

*Staffing & Enrollment

* Safety & Health Issues

*Children’s Programs

*Food management

This course provides the basic principles & procedures for carring out responsibilities in a childcare centre.


how-to-get-toddlers-to-behaveChild Development & Tips for Teaching Infants & Toddlers

  • Explore key stages of development
  • Encourage children’s physical, emotional & intellectual growth
  • Fun activities to prevent boredom & frustration

These is an interactive workshop which looks at the different areas of development plus what is age/stage appropriate for individual children.Innovative activities are carried out to children.Innovative activities are carried out to underpin learning.



Early Learning Skills Workshop

  • Teaching tracing & matching
  • Opposites & bead patterns
  • Sequencing & Left & Right
  • Letters,numbers,shapes & colour

This course through hands on activities builds a solid foundation essential for future skills & teaching basic concepts in a fun way.

Managing an Early Childhood Classroom

  • ¬†Developing Guidelines in planning & organising your early child classroom

This training gives relevant guidelines for nursery settings as well as the what,where & why of the preschool curriculum

African American elementary student holding books at doorway.Working With Babies.

  • Personal Care Routines
  • Infant Nutrition
  • The Developing Baby
  • The III Baby
  • Equipment,Toys & Plays

This training is designed for all those that work with babies and children regularly especially those between 1 month and  3 years old.

Starting Your Own Creche

  • Services & Policies
  • Structuring your Business
  • Records,Inventory Programs & Accreditation
  • Start- up costs, Setting Prices,Financial Management
  • Location & Setting Up
  • provision of professional advice & Tranning on the establishment of creches & pre-schools
  • Management of creches & pre-schools
  • Design of classroom layout
  • Design of school logo
  • Design & writing of prospectus
  • Design of Administrative/Registration forms
  • Design of suitable curriculum and records system
  • Provision of rule books and job specifications for staff
  • Provision of in-depth knowledge based and practical training for staff
  • Customer care training
  • Working with Babies
  • Staff Assessment.

This course provides advice and tips on designing,starting up & implementing a high quality child care centre.

Effective Report Card Comments

  • Observation & Assessment
  • Identifying key elements of effective systems
  • Understand the value of an effective system of planning & teaching.

This course helps teachers to identify the best way to manage observation & assessment system so that they are most useful & effective.


One of our goals at Dorothy’s Consult is to design and implement the best and highest quality childcare facilities in Nigeria and provide top notch training for the Early Childcare Professionals who will run these centres to provide a conducive, loving, nurturing and well – equipped environment for learning and building a sound educational foundation for our preschoolers.

With our wide range of early childhood training programs, strategies and initiatives and “flex -to – fit” approach for each organization we are able to meet all our client’ unique needs when designing a first class creche/nursery school or providing training for their staff.