Cookery activities for the session were chandelled towards making club members skilled in the preparation of both conventical and continental dishes. Without any doubt, we can say that ‘these little fingers can indeed perform cookery wonders’





Farm – base activities in the classroom with each visit to the farm, Children participated in hands – on investigative learning, observational activities and farm work to care for their plants. The children planted seeds (water leaves). The aim and objectives of the club is to introduce pupils to the rudiments of the planting aspect of agriculture how to plant a seed, observe the process of germination and then nurture it until it is matured and ripe for harvesting.


DSC_0303Ballet is one of our  activities for girls where they are not only taught the ballet dance but also etiquette and manners for girls. Our ballerinas have displayed their different dance skills in their performance during some of our major program. Dressed in colourful ballet tutu costumes, they performed the songs ‘’silent night, and twinkle, twinkle little star’’ at the last Christmas carol and Easter concert respectively.



The taekwondo club members have gone through divers stage, ranging from the greetings to all other aspect of training which involves slapy kick, front kick and sparing (fighting, kicking and blocking). Learners now make use of taekwondo terms correctly and understand each spoken language. Examples are: Taek one, apoligi, apchagi and asamigas. The club members are also preparing towards an upcoming taekwondo competition.


bt (2)Music is a moral law, it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination……’’ plato.

At the King’s school teaching our pupils how to play at least a musical instrument has been our priority.  children from playgroup to Nursery 2 (Ages 2+ to 5) are taught  how to play a simple rhythm on the percussion instrument such as drums, cymbals and piano playing with occasional lessons on violin. Our grade one to two pupils have the ability to play various tunes on the recorder while pupils from grade three to five are taught to play piano, violin, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, drums etc.

We also ensure our students are engaged in regular and consistent practice as music requires intensive practice for better performance.




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