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In what has become a celebrated annual forum for children in private schools in Lagos to showcase their artistic talents and prowess,The King’s school,organizes an annual Children’s are competition and exhibition.The objective of the school is to eventually make the event a national one.The competition is opened to all school age children between the ages of 3 and 12 and the event has been sponsored annually in years past by National Gallery of Arts,Terra  Kulture,Ruff n Tumble, MTN and the London international Gallery of children’s Art were works are usually on display every year



The Art competition/exhibition is organized annually as part of the King’s school vision to encourage every child to achieve and fulfill their full potentials.We decided to focus on younger children because arts competitions are organized all the time older children and teenagers while the younger children are mostly neglected in such.

According to Mrs Victoria Tandoh, the CEO of The King’s School, “Art is a very important element of a child’s learning experience.It gives children a unique way to express themselves and helps them to relate to culture and life around them.It also allows the child to experiment with textures,shapes and colours as well as offering experiences that help increase a child’s observation skills,fine motor skills and eye hand co-ordination.”It is hoped that from the competition will arise a new breed of young talented Nigerian artists who will make Nigeria proud in the arts sector.